It is no secret that in the last several years Facebook has become the go-to platform for Patient Recruitment and Marketing for Clinical Trials. Coupling Facebook’s popularity across a wide audience with exceptional targeting tools, medical research studies now have the potential to reach vast numbers of volunteers in a cost-efficient manner. But how do you reach patients beyond Facebook Interests and overcome the echoes of adverse condition reporting found in Facebook Groups? And how can you directly reach potential patients with rarer conditions or reach those that may qualify for a more complex study criterion?

Patient Recruitment with a Multi-Channel Media Mix!

We find that the ability to cross reference materials over multiple platforms can provide a more cohesive message with greater reach – especially for those harder to fill studies. Recent behavioral studies revealed that 94% of participants keep a smartphone on hand while watching TV(1). Smart marketing dollars can use this “multi-tasking” or rather the fragmentation of attention to coordinate ad campaigns across multiple platforms. And even with the explosive growth of digital ads, people still view print, television, direct mail, and radio(2) as the most trusted ad formats. And we know how important trust is to a patient in a healthcare setting.

Clients that prefer Facebook, and added television and/or radio increased referrals on an average of more than 33% of those running Facebook alone(3). We find that allowing for additional spend on TV and/or Radio while running Facebook creates a surround-sound media campaign that really resonates with potential patients. Fitting most budgets, employing a multi-channel campaign not only raises awareness for the initial study you are looking to fill, but it is also an awesome strategy to boost brand awareness for your trial site. This additional benefit of improved brand awareness can increase patient recruitment across conditions and trials outside of the targeted campaign.

Of course, these facts are just a small glimpse of a multi-channel campaign’s potential as a patient recruitment engine. If you are interested in learning more get in touch one of the Gurus today.
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