patient recruitment that rocks!


patient recruitment that rocks!

Research Study Rockstar ™ (RSR) has taken center stage as the industry’s premier digital/social media advertising strategy that reaches your patients, informs them about your study opportunity, drives them to a simple study-specific landing page, provides details to help confirm their eligibility, and securely connects them with their local site for contact and screening through our referral tracking platform, LetsRockENROLL™.


Your next subject by age, gender, interests, behaviors, geography


Allow user to confirm they meet basic eligibility criteria


Promote your study using IRB approved static and digital ads


Automatically send information to the local study site


Link ads to a study-specific landing page


Manage subject information and disposition

Proprietary Digital/Social Media Targeting

RSR is powered backstage by Patient Advertising Guru’s proprietary digital/social media advertising strategies. RSR reaches potential patients who live close to your sites based on a variety of targeting criteria and ensures we reach them with your study advertising multiple times. Based upon successful referral characteristics, RSR can intuitively further refine the targeting criteria to reach more people who match that profile – increasing the chances we find and inform the right people about your study. While we enjoy a robust response as much as anyone, we value quality over quantity. Our targeting ensures we drive people who are more likely to qualify rather than high volumes of people who have no intention of participating, even if they do qualify.

Landing Pages

Instead of driving visitors to a full study website, Facebook page, or a site’s study page, we drive people to totally simple, study-specific landing page. RSR’s landing pages provide just the right amount of information to help people decide if they want to learn more about the study opportunity. The landing pages include a brief synopsis of the study, main eligibility criteria, and pre-qualification capabilities to ensure a referral could qualify. After filling out a contact form, their information is instantly emailed to a local site who then can contact the referral immediately. The landing pages make it easy for potential patients to decide if a study might be right for them and contact the site, which decreases screen failures and increases conversions at the sites. And it’s easy for the sites to manage and contact the referrals.

Anayltics and Reports

Guru’s reports go beyond standard Google analytics. We can provide a variety of reports to help our clients track the reach of our programs, the traffic on the landing page and metrics by milestone.

Streamlined IRB Submission

We provide your IRB submission packet with all relevant assets for streamlined transmission.

24 Hour Posting Guarantee

24 hour launch guaranteed launch (pending IRB approval)

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